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Water Restoration Companies

Published by 911 Restoration Washington DC on October 13, 2013 in category: Water Damage Restoration

One of the worst experiences of my life occurred when my toilet overflowed after the spring storms caused the sewage from my septic tank to back up. It was horrible! The smells and the mess spread all through the lower level of my house. This was a job way beyond my capabilities. I made an emergency call to my water mitigation company. I had used them before when the water pipes burst during a cold spell. The company promised one day service and they came through, just as they had promised.

I required water removal and water cleanup before the company could begin their water damage restoration efforts. I was certain that everything was a complete loss, including my carpets, cabinets, wood floors and furniture. I was amazed at how they saved the day with their water extraction devices. After they pumped the water out they were able to dry my carpets and restore my cabinets.

I couldn’t believe they could restore my soaked wood floors, but they did. I was able to escape with only a fraction of the cost of replacing all the damaged items; In fact, the only expense I incurred was the cost of the deductible amount of my homeowner’s policy. It pays to know a good water damage restoration company.

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