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You would be surprised how quickly your basement can flood once a storm hits. The downpour can cause rain to seep into the cracks of your property’s foundation and cause a big mess and a big headache.

A Technician Restoring A Floor In A Flooded BasementMost people use their basement to store winter clothes, family photos, files, old furniture and other possessions that can become soaked through during a flood. Seeing this type of water damage can be overwhelming, to say the least, but despite the chaos, it is important to act fast.

911 Restoration Washington DC knows exactly how to handle a flooding emergency and the best part is that we are available 24/7/365 to assist you when you discover your basement flood.

When we get calls for basement flood cleanups we always move fast, so fast in fact, that we will get to your property within 45 minutes of receiving your call. Even though that may seem like an eternity, you’d be surprised how much water damage can be prevented once the professionals arrive.

Let us be our flooded basement restoration Washington DC professionals that provide you with water removal services when you find yourself bogged down with a flooded basement and give us a call today!

Who Do You Call When Your Basement Is Flooded?

As tempting as it may be to start cleaning your basement on your own, you should really call the experts for help before you do more harm than good.

Water Damage In A Flooded BasementRemember, safety first, and even though it may seem perfectly safe to wade through the floodwaters and begin your own cleanup effort, you may actually hurt yourself by doing so.

Water is a conductor of electricity, and if the water in your flooded basement has penetrated the power outlets or any live wires are present, you can get electrocuted by standing in the water. Take the precaution of turning off the power to your property before going into the floodwaters.

If the flood was caused by a storm or some other outside water source, then it is considered a category 3 water. This means the water is filled with bacteria, debris, and chemicals that could a health hazard upon contact.

The only time it is safe for you to go into the basement flood is when the water is low enough to walk through without skin contact. Wear gloves to remove your valuables from the water and lay them in a well-ventilated area to dry. You can also turn on your air conditioning to kick-start the drying process.

The best thing you can do is stay out of the floodwater and wait for 911 Restoration Washington DC to arrive with the proper gear needed to begin the water extraction process.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover A Basement Flood?

If you’re confused about whether or not your insurance policy covers your basement flood, then you are not alone. A flooded basement is one of those situations that can be quite unclear when it comes to insurance coverage.

Flood Damage Restoration Truck At A Residential Job SiteSome types of basement floods are covered, while unfortunately, some other instances are not. Coverage does not depend on the amount of damage that has taken place but is instead determined by how the flood was created.

We understand that this can be difficult to understand, so 911 Restoration Washington DC is here to clear things up.

There are many instances in which your standard insurance policy will cover your flooded basement. These include:

  • A flood caused by a faulty appliance, such as a washing machine or an air conditioning unit, that can not be proven to be the fault of the property owner
  • A pipe burst due to frozen pipes while you were living inside of the property
  • A flood caused by an overflow in a bathtub, sink, toilet, pool, or any other water container

Unfortunately, there are quite a few other reasons when your typical homeowner’s insurance will not cover your basement flood:

  • Water that flooded your basement via a storm, heavy rainfall or a surge
  • A sewage backup due to an external sewer system clogging
  • Water seeping into your basement from underground

If you live in an area where the issues that are not covered by your policy happen frequently, then you will want to consider purchasing a supplemental flood insurance policy. Call our flooded basement restoration Washington DC experts if you have any questions regarding your homeowner’s insurance.

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