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911 Restoration Washington DC provides unmatched quality mold removal and abatement services 365 days out of the year to both residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Water Damage Restoration Technician In Crawlspace“When people discover they have mold problems, they need to know that tomorrow is going to be better than the day before.

That is why they can call our technicians who are available 24/7/365.

Our experts make sure to arrive within 45 minutes so that we can prevent the damages in any situation from increasing.

Immediate remediation is important, so I am happy to offer customers same day service,” owner, Adam Levy, exclaims.

Homeowners can be assured that your peace of mind is our number one priority, so call the experts at 911 Restoration for excellence brought by our mold removal Washington DC team.

Cracking the Case of the Mysterious Mold

On a particular humid day, a Washington DC homeowner went to his restroom to brush his teeth, and instead he discovered a particular musty smell—something like a dirty washcloth.Water Damage Restoration Caused Mold Growth

One does expect to breathe easy when they come home, so a foreign smell was alarming. As a result, our customer called us for a free homeowner mold inspection.

We started with a mold test. Testing the spores ensures that we know what type of mold we are dealing with, and where the source of the mold is coming from.

As it turned out our mold test came up positive with two different types of fungus. The surface tile mold was pink mold, and there was a high concentration of mildew.

Further inspection revealed that our customer’s baseboard cracked around his shower door. When removed, it revealed crumbling and moldy sheetrock. Water from the shower was making its way into the wall, thus allowing the cultivation of the mildew.

Sanitation is pivotal in mold remediation, as leaving behind a single spore means it can repopulate. We decontaminated his tiles, and removed the infested sheetrock, while replacing it with new panels.

Due to the pre-existing water damage that caused the infestation, the insurance agency covered the cost of restoration done by our mold removal Washington DC team. For the customer this meant a new bathroom door, and a completely repainted bathroom.

The Cornerstone of Mold Alleviation: Care You Can Count On

The technicians at 911 Restoration are IICRC certified, which means they are capable of executing the precision techniques that mold removal requires.Water Damage Restoration Van Ready At Job Site

Our 35 years of experience means our keen-eyed mold removal Washington DC team is capable of fixing the underlying causes of mold

“See, superficial mold on tiles and paint are indicators that it may be coming from less viewable places, such as crawl spaces or within walls. It is important to check for water damage or previous growth, as it may indicate a leak source,” Adam explains.

We start by sealing off the affected area by encasing it in plastic, and setting up a HEPA air filter, this ensures that we scrub the spores out from the air.

Then we bring blowers in that push in more ventilation from the outside, while pushing old air outside. This creates negative air pressure, so mold spores cannot spread inside the home.

Restoration work is always done with the proper attire of respirators and hazmat suits, as the safety of everyone involved is our top priority.

Furthermore, we always work with antibacterial- materials, as fungus cannot live on its surfaces and it keeps it from being a future problem.

Therefore, you can trust that the thorough mold restoration job we preform will leave you with peace of mind for years to come—that is the fresh start guarantee.

If your home is smelling musty and feels damp, then contact our mold removal Washington DC team with 911 Restoration Washington DC for help today!

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