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When the challenges of a pipe burst situation occur, people rely on the skills and professionalism of 911 Restoration Washington D.C. owners Adam Levy and Robert Knox, along with their water damage Ashburn team to take care of the damages quickly and at the highest quality level possible.

Water Damage Restoration Technician In CrawlspaceAdam and Robert know that when it comes to water damage, the best way to make sure it is minimized is to get straight to the process of extracting it, and cleaning the mess it has made to avoid further damages.

This is why Adam and Robert will arrive within 45 minutes of any call for help with a water damage situation, or any other kind of disaster.

“We save homes by being fast to the scene and making sure that only the highest quality operations take place to restore the property accurately and with the customer’s wishes in mind at all points,” Adam says.

In addition to being at the site of a water damage loss immediately, Adam and Robert, along with their water damage Ashburn teams are also available 24/7/365 to handle any situation that springs up at all hours.

If your home is amid a flooding event from a pipe burst, water heater failure, or even a local area flood, then don’t wait for it to grow mold. Contact Adam and Robert with their water damage team out of Ashburn today for all the help you need!

Flooding Avoidance Tips and Tricks from the Best

Taking on the various challenges that a water damage scenario presents is what Robert and Adam do every day, but they are also specialists when it comes to making sure that water damage doesn’t even happen through preventative maintenance.

“Every day we get calls from people who just want to know what to do when a major storm comes in so they can protect their home and their family,” Robert says. “And this is why we have developed an extensive list of ways that homeowners and even businesses can protect themselves from the worst that the weather can bring.”

  • Water Damage In BasementNever forget to clean out your gutters and downspouts before wintertime hits. This will ensure that you don’t get clogs which can allow overflows and ice dams to form and introduce water damage to the interior through ceiling leaks.
  • Never allow the temperature in your home drop too low in the winter or you will run the risk of a pipe burst happening.
  • Have a professional plumber or restoration expert come and take a look at your entire system at least once every few years to catch any small issues before they grow larger and cost more down the road.
  • Check on the hoses, fittings, gaskets and connectors that attach your water-based appliances to the main line. This will help to notice any small nicks before they become full-on ruptures under pressure.

“This is by no means a complete list of the things that people can take charge of in order to protect their home, and if anyone has questions, they should feel completely free to call us and ask,” Adam says.

Flooded Parking Lot Threatens Community Center with Water Damage

Most of the time Adam and Robert get called out to homes and businesses that area already flooded with water damage from storms, pipe bursts, water heater malfunctions, and even sprinkler system failures; but on one occasion, the water damage team out of Ashburn got a call to extract a foot of standing water from a parking lot adjacent to the structure.

Water Damage Restoration SUV and Dog At Warehouse“The community center was acting as a dam to keep the water from the parking lot in,” Robert says. “That building was incredible. Most I’ve seen would have sprung leaks and let water damage inside, but this one held strong.”

Adam, Robert and the water damage Ashburn team with 911 Restoration Washington D.C. came right over and extracted the water out to the main sewer line in the street and sent it on its way.

“After we removed the water from the parking lot, we then found why it started to fill up anyway, and we found that there was a heavy duty trash bag that just got sucked into the drain and created a barrier for the discharge,” Adam says.

If your home is endangered from standing water forming a dam on your property, then don’t wait until it finds a way to leak inside. Give Adam, Robert, and the water damage Ashburn team with 911 Restoration Washington DC a call today and let them help save your property from water loss today!

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