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Eliminating the effects that a local flood can cause is the specialty and expertise of 911 Restoration Washington D.C. owners Adam Levy and Robert Knox, as well as their water damage Leesburg team.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Prepping Suction HosesTaking care of water damage from a local flood doesn’t just require a fast response time, although Adam and Robert will arrive within 45 minutes of a call; it also requires experts that can be at the scene and available 24/7/365 to handle anything.

“We are IICRC certified to do every kind of restoration work in the business,” Adam says. “And with our talented crews always on the clock, we can take on water damage no matter where it springs up, or how big the job is too.”

Taking on big jobs anywhere in the Leesburg area means being able to move quickly with all of the latest drying technology at hand to do the job right.

“We have completely mobilized our operation so that as soon as we get a call for help, we are out the door with everything we need in a flash,” Robert says.

When it comes to providing clients with the highest quality restoration experience, there is no crew more qualified than the professionals with 911 Restoration Washington D.C.

If your home is already in a flooding situation, and you want the best to handle the repairs for you, then give Adam, Robert, and the water damage Leesburg team with 911 Restoration Washington D.C. a call today!

Water Damage Prevention Measures to Protect the Home

Adam and Robert are tapped every day for their expertise in the field when water damage has already happened, but they are also specialists at providing people with the tips and tricks that they need to make sure that it doesn’t take place in the first place too.

“We field calls every day from people that are interested in picking our brains for the best ways to keep their homes safe during extreme weather,” Robert says. “That’s why we have gone through all of our tips and collected them into a list for people to use when they want to know about how to protect their home.”

  • Water Damage In BasementMake sure that your downspout is directed away from your home, and that there is a leader extending out at least five feet away from the property for the discharge. This helps to keep flooding from happening in basements and liquefaction from taking place in foundations.
  • Take a moment once a year or so to inspect the piping in your home. If you spot any areas with rust or corrosion, then call our experts immediately to avoid a pipe burst.
  • Gutters get clogged really easily, and when they do they can allow for overflows and ice dams which can ruin a roof if left unchecked.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of water damage to cause mold growth in your home. Never let water sit for longer than absolutely necessary or it will likely start to grow mold and it will do so in places you probably can’t even see.

“There are so many tips and tricks for little maintenance tasks that people can do to keep their homes dry no matter what season it is, so if anyone has a question about something that isn’t listed here, they should absolutely call us to find out more,” Adam explains.

Mystery Leak Causes Water Damage to Bedroom

Adam and Robert are called out all the time to challenges where people have encountered an active leak and they know where it is and why it happened, but they are also called regularly on jobs where people don’t know where their leak is coming from or why it happened, and it’s up the professional nature of Adam and Robert to figure this out and stop it cold.

Water Damage Restoration SUV and Dog At Warehouse“We got a call recently from a homeowner who had a water damage problem that started to grow mold too, and they didn’t know where the leak was, or why it started either,” Robert says. “So we spent a minute to find out where the water was coming from, took care of that, and then took care of the water extraction too.”

While doing the water extraction process, Robert, Adam and the water damage team out of Leesburg walked the homeowner through the entire process so they wouldn’t feel left out, and so that they could feel as connected to the restoration process as they did to the house before all this happened.

“We always make sure to put the customer first in all of our projects, and part of that is to make sure they understand each step of the restoration process before we do it,” Adam says.

If your home is affected by a leak you can’t find, and it’s causing mold colonies to form in your home, then don’t wait for them to grow larger. Contact Robert, Adam, and the water damage Leesburg team with 911 Restoration Washington D.C. today for help!

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