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Flood Warning in Washington DC

Published by 911 Restoration Washington DC on June 9, 2014 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

Just a few weeks ago torrential downpours in the Washington DC area led to significant road closures and flooding. Water Damage Washington DCSeveral drivers who attempted to take their vehicles through dangerous routes ended up stuck and required flood rescue from local authorities. A flash flood warning was issued and many schools were closed due to the storm. It is extremely important to take all necessary precautions when flooding is headed your way.

What does an official flood warning mean?

Official flood warnings are issued throughout the country by the National Weather Service. There are two types of notifications – flood watches and flood warnings. Generally when a flood watch is issued it means that flood conditions are expected in the area in the next 12-48 hours. A flood warning is a bit more serious and indicates that flooding is actively happening or could happen at any moment. It is important to understand the distinction between the two and know how to react in each scenario.

A flood warning has been issued. What should I do?

If a flood warning has been issued there are a number of things you can do. Make sure your sump pump is standing by and ready to jump into action if water makes its way into your basement. Pumping water out immediately can reduce the risk of toxic mold growth. If the land surrounding your home is sloped downward or has been known to flood badly in the past, it’s a very good idea to keep sandbags on hand. Create a barrier with them along vulnerable parts of your property. This is a tried and true technique that really does go far is keeping the water at bay. Have an emergency kit ready for you and your family in case you get trapped or run into trouble, and move important possessions to a higher level in your home to keep them from getting damaged.

How can I recover from a flood?

If the unthinkable happens and your home is flooded, don’t try to deal with it yourself. Depending on the source of the water it could be contaminated and contain harmful bacteria. Call a quality water repair company. They will be able to use state of the art equipment to pump all of the water out of your home safely. A good company will also be able to handle restoration services. Once your home is dry again there will most likely be some visible wear and tear, and it’s going to require some professional attention to get things back to normal.

No matter how much you prepare and take precautions, no one is completely safe from flooding. Water has a rather nasty way of sniffing out the smallest weaknesses to infiltrate your building. Still, do what you can to minimize your chances of trouble, but don’t take it personally when water breaks in uninvited anyway. Keep yourself and your family as safe as possible and call a reputable water damage company to get your home back in order quickly.

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