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Snow Covered Roof FAQ

Published by 911 Restoration Washington DC on March 13, 2014 in category: Water Damage Restoration

storm restorationMany people love to see snow falling and see snow covering roofs of houses and the accompanying yards, but snow on the roof of a home is not always as beautiful as it seems. Snow covering a roof has the potential to cause homeowners many difficulties that could be disastrous if not taken care of correctly. Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to snow piling up on your roof.

What Are The Dangers Of A Snow Covered Roof?

One of the biggest dangers of snow covering a roof is the weight. Although snow is light and fluffy as it falls, accumulating snow on a roof can sometimes add too much extra weight to the roof of your home.

Snow covering a roof can also cause issues with the shingles. As the snow freezes and thaws, the change in temperature and the moisture level can cause gaps in between the shingles and the roof of your home.

What Are Signs That You Are Headed For A Collapse?

When your roof is under lots of extra weight from snow or ice, it is important to watch for signs that it might be in danger of collapsing. If you observe any of the following signs, you should immediately evacuate the home and seek help to get your roof issue resolved.

One of the biggest signs the roof of your home is about to collapse is that it is noticeable sagging. If you look at your roof and see it sag, your roof is in imminent danger. Other signs that your roof is in deep trouble include noises not usually heard such as a creaking sound or a popping sound, noticeably bad leaks from the roof, cracks suddenly forming down the walls of your home and doors that randomly open by themselves.

How Can Water Damage Occur From Snow On Your Roof?

Beautiful snow covered roofs can also pose the threat of water damage in your home. As snow and ice are adding weight to your roof, damage to the roof can occur. If damage to the shingles occurs and allows gaps between the shingle and the roof, as the snow and ice melts, the water and moisture can seep down into your roof instead of being routed off the roof with the help of the shingles.

Water damage is a tricky situation when it comes to homes. Damage can start in the roof of your home from melting snow and ice and if the issue is not quickly resolved, the damage can seep into the walls and ultimately into the floors of the home. The longer water damage goes without being taken care of, the more damage can occur. If you notice a leak in your roof, it is imperative to quickly resolve the issue to keep water damage contained to one area of your home instead of allowing the damage to quickly spread.

Even though snow covered roofs are pretty, a homeowner must be careful to watch for signs of a roof collapse while admiring the snow. If you observe any sign that your roof might be in trouble for collapsing or leaking, call a professional immediately to get the damage fixed before it leads to other issues.

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