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Staying Safe During the Flooding in Washington DC

Published by SEO on May 18, 2018 in category: Current Event, Water Damage Restoration

Are you feeling completely drenched yet? Washington, D.C. has had heavy rainfall the past month and the entire D.C. area and Southern Maryland region is under a flood watch, with Potomac River water levels rising. The rainfall is expected to last through the weekend, but luckily will let up early next week. The biggest concern at this point is flash flooding — with road closures already in effect in the area and throughout Southern Maryland.

To stay safe over the next weekend, develop an evacuation plan and stock your emergency kit with anything you may need in the event of flooding, heavy storms, and power outages. Your emergency supply kit should include necessary supplies like a flashlight, batteries, water, food items, first aid, medications, and personal identification. Communicate with household family members any emergency plans and establish a meet-up location in case you’re ever separated.

Keeping Your Home Dry During Flash Floods

On Monday after these storms have passed, the last thing you want to find in your home is damp walls or basement flooding from ceiling leaks or other entry points. When there’s a chance of flooding in your area, always keep your home prepared to avoid destructive, inconvenient, costly water damages.

  • Keep gutters clear and maintained
  • Cover air vents from the inside and outside with plastic sheeting
  • Make sure your sump pump is in proper working condition
  • Check the sealant around windows and doors

By ensuring your home is tightly sealed against moisture and ensuring water is able to flow out and away from your house, you can avoid property loss and mold growth.

Staying Safe In Floods

Did you know that approximately 140 people die each year in the United States during flooding conditions? With such heavy rains and flooding already present in several local eras, there’s a chance you may need to maneuver through these floods. Don’t underestimate the dangers of flash flooding, remember these safety tips:

  • As flooding nears you area, immediately relocate to high ground.
  • Do not attempt to drive or walk through flooded areas — people can be knocked over in just six inches of water, while vehicles can be swept away in one foot of water.
  • Develop an evacuation route and locate any nearby streams other bodies of water that may flood and block your path.

Once the immediate threat of flooding has passed, you can return home after officials have declared to area safe. Never try to walk or drive through flooded areas, be aware of any hidden hazards, and don’t stand near or in bodies of water in case there’s a live power line located nearby.

For Fast, Expert Water Damage Restoration, Call 911 Restoration of Washington, D.C.

While we hope your home doesn’t have water damage after these thunderstorms, if you do find moisture or flooding in your home, reach out to the professional at 911 Restoration of Washington, D.C. Our team is IICRC certified and has the extensive training, advanced equipment, and experience to expertly and thoroughly remove your water damage and perform free mold inspections. We’re available to local residents 24/7/365 to help with their water restoration needs and respond to request within 45 minutes. Schedule your services or a free inspection today by calling your local experts at 443-769-1110.

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