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Mold Removal: Get Help From Specialists at 911 Restoration!

Published by 911 Restoration Washington DC on June 28, 2013 in category: Mold Inspection with tags: ,

Testing for mold in one’s home and removing it is an important job that must be handled correctly. Mold testing consists of looking behind and in-between mold prone areas. Removing it is an even harder process. Making sure that all mold is removed and not just part of it is important to the health and safety of one’s family. A mold remediation specialist is the right person to call for the job. They are trained to do mold testing and mold inspection to find the problem.

A mold remediation specialist has the necessary skills and knowledge to find mold in places that homeowners may not even think to look. Using a mold removal specialist to conduct a mold inspection is a smart idea for homeowners. Specialists are able to investigate one’s home to find the source and the extent of mold damage. These same specialists are trained in how to equip themselves to remove the mold safely. In worst case scenarios this can include a team of removal experts with protective gear. This involves full body suits, a respirator, and gloves.

A great benefit to using a reputable mold remediation specialist is the warranty. If the procedure is not done correctly or if mold reappears, the service is under warranty to be done again. A mold inspection specialist also knows the proper materials to use to keep mold from growing again. This might include silicone caulk, cement board, or other mold resistant materials that are necessary to block moisture and absorption.


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